Refurbishment & Remanufacture

The tank container is inspected at "gate in" to establish if any components are missing. Photographs are taken as required. A valid cleaning certificate must be available.

A joint Davlis and Manufacturer internal inspection is undertaken and a full report sent to the client which includes shell thickness measurements. If any additional work is identified that will be greater than any limit set by the client, no further action is taken until client approval is given.

All cladding and insulation is removed. A joint Davlis and Manufacturer inspection is undertaken with special emphasis on stress corrosion of the vessel's exterior and a steam heating pressure test is carried out. A report is sent to the client based upon ITCO ACC or any other client standard which may be required. Once approval is received work commences. Davlis monitors all additional work undertaken and carries out the appropriate inspections.

If the unit is to be Remanufactured the entire existing frame work(s) is removed and replaced.

If the unit is to be Refurbished the frame is repaired, as required, to ITCO ACC conditions and all repairs inspected.

Once the unit goes "back onto the production line" each process is monitored, shot blasting, painting, insulation, cladding etc... and a final inspection is undertaken.

A full report on each unit is issued on completion and this can also be viewed by the client on their own area of our website.


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Refurbishment & Remanufacture

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