New Build

We offer two types of New Build Inspections. The first is a complete inspection and the second is an off line inspection at the end of production.

Complete Inspection:

This is the type of inspection that we recommend and consists of full inspection from raw material in, to the completed unit and all processes in between. During the build period a comprehensive daily report is sent to the client and on completion a log book and photographs are produced for each individual unit. This contains details of materials used and fitted, measured paint thickness etc.

On completion of the inspection the log book, including photographs, are placed on a secure section of the website which can only be accessed by the client designated representatives and Davlis staff. This allows the client 24/7 access to the data and a record, which includes shell plate heat numbers, so in the unlikely event of subsequent steel problems each affected tank can be traced.

Off Line Inspection:

This inspection surveys items that are visible on the completed unit and therefore we cannot guarantee the quality of the obscured items underneath cladding, insulation etc. Final Certification, data sheets and photographs of each individual unit will be supplied.

All these processes can be viewed by the client on their own area of our website.


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